St. Francis Adoring the Cross
(Guido Reni)

Oil on board

Segni Collection, Bologna.
Conte Cav. Avv. Salina Collection, Bologna, by 1841 and still in situ 1867.
Private Collection, London.


C. C. Malvasia, Felsina Pittrice, (2 Vols), Bologna 1678, p. 63 & n. 2.
M. Oretti, Le pitture che se ammirano nelli palazzi e case de’ nobli della città di Bologna e di altri edifici in detta citta, MS. B. 104, Bibl. Com. Di Bologna, part. 2, p. 114.
Quadri di varie scuole pittoriche, catalogue, Via Bareria 529, Bologna 1865, p. 18, no. 188.
Stephen Pepper, Guido Reni, Oxford, 1984, p. 268, no. 141, pl. 168

Where is It?
Acquired through The Matthiesen Gakkery by The Rokhill Nelson Museum, Kansas City
Historical Period
Baroque - 1600-1720
Religious: New Testament
Italian - Bolognese
1986-Baroque III: 1620 - 1700.
An exhibition in memory of Sir Ellis Waterhouse and on behalf of The National Art-Collections Fund. Introduction by Sir Peter Wakefield. Essays by Francis Haskell, Cecil Gould, Francis Russell, Charles McCorquodale and Craig Felton. 152 pages, 15 colour plates, 30 black and white illustrations. £15 or $23 inc. p.& p.

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