In 1981 The Matthiesen Gallery embarked on a series of Baroque exhibitions  which are now remembered through their scrupulously researched catalogues regarded as a benchmark in the field. Leading art historians and specialists were invited to contribute to these publications. With the passage of time and the improvements in printing techniques the gallery took pride in producing ever more lavishly illustrated and bound exemplars. After 2000, marked by a bumper issue, the catalogues concentrated on single paintings or art historical issues forming a new hard bound series. The covers of the publications are reproduced below. Click on the cover to access those paintings within featuring on this website.

We have catalogues available for a number of our past and present exhibitions.

If you are interested in purchasing a catalogue for past or present exhibition please contact us (+44 (0)207-930 2437).

Catalogues marked * can be viewed online as a flip book. Flip book opens in a new window, click on the catalogue image to open.