St Paula
(Giovanni Luteri, called Dosso Dossi)


The Earl of Haddington, Tyninghame; Christie’s, London, November 28th 1975, no. 76.


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Historical Period
High Renaissance to Mannerism - 1450-1530
Italian - Other Regions
1984-From Borso to Cesare d'Este, 1450 - 1628: The School of Ferrara.
An exhibition in aid of The Courtauld Institute Trust Appeal Fund. Ten introductory essays on Ferrara and aspects of Ferrarese art by Cecil Gould, Lanfranco Caretti, Claudio Gallico, Vincenzo Fontana, Thomas Tuohy, Emmanuele Mattaliano, Giorgio Bassani, Giuliano Briganti, Alastair Smith, with charts and Concordat of Ferrarese paintings in British public collections. 200 pages, 50 colour plates, 84 black and white illustrations. £15 or $23 inc. p&p.

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