Mary Queen of Scots with Rizzio
(Alexandre-Evariste Fragonard)


In this painting Fragonard looks to the romantic story of Mary Queen of Scots, a Catholic heroine who tied the popular stories of Walter Scott with a dramatic period in French history. The artist has taken some license in placing Rizzio alone in the room with the Queen, perhaps professing his love for her, while someone listens at the door. This may be the point when the unfortunate Italian’s assassins are preparing to enter and murder him but history records that Rizzio was one of several people with the Queen; here she appears to be alone.

18 by 15 ins. 46 by 38 cm, (original frame)
Oil on canvas

Matthiesen Gallery & Stair Sainty Matthiesen, ‘Romance and Chivalry’, 1996-7

Historical Period
Romanticism - 1810-1870
Historical events
1996-Romance and Chivalry: History and Literature reflected in Early Nineteenth Century French Painting.
Hardback book. 300 pages, fully illustrated with 90 colour plates and 100 black and white illustrations. Introduction (40 pages) by Guy Stair Sainty, twelve essays, catalogue, appendix of salons 1801-24 and bibliography. £50 or $80 inc. p.& p.

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