Interior of a Palace with Elegant Figures
(Giovanni-Domenico Lombardi)


A pupil of Giovanni Marracci, Lombardi was one of the leading Lucchese painters of the first half of the eighteenth century, along with Pompeo Batoni (who left to go to Rome in 1727), the landscapist Gaetano Vetturali and the history painter Giovanni Battista Benigni. Lombardi was well-traveled and influenced by Roman, Florentine and French painting. This painting shows the interior of a palace with several scenes from the everyday lives of the nobility of eighteenth century Lucca. In the left foreground we can see a family group, the paterfamilias surrounded by his wife and children, their music teacher and two priests. These are likely to be portraits and may represent members of the Mansi family. The remainder of the salon is filled with small groups engaged in the kind of activities one might expect to find in an elegant Lucchese palace. The grandeur of the salon, the boldly painted rococo statuary, the view into the splendid garden all combine to give a feeling of wealth and elegant living. We may be sure that in his portrayal of dress he was influenced by the popular engravings after the work of Lancret and Watteau.

In the palette we can discern something of the influence of Giuseppe Maria Crespi and Alessandro Magnasco, while the various scenes each recall the work of the Venetian genre painter, Pietro Longhi. This painting has been firmly identified as the work of Lombardi by Professor Dr Franco Moro, whose essay discussing this work will be published shortly.

40 x 50 ½ inches. 101.7 x 128.4 cm.
Oil on Canvas
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Historical Period
Rococo - 1720-1780
Genre or Daily Life
Italian - Tuscan
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