Allegorical tomb of Sydney Godolphin
(Francesco Monti)


Allegorical Tomb in memory of William Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan
Allegorical Tomb in memory of Sydney Godolphin, 1st Earl of Godolphin

Oil on canvas, each 219 x 141 cm.

Falsely signed and dated 1769 as by Hubert Robert

PROVENANCE: Painted for Owen McSwiny, from whom purchased by 2nd Duke of Richmond, Goodwood, Sussex, 1728. Sold his sale, Christie’s, 26th March 1814, Lots 40-51 (probably Lot 51).
Claudio Gallo, thence with his estate to the Galleria Scopinich, Milan, 1932.
Galleria Scopinich, Milan, 1932.
Avv. Alfonso Alcidi Boccaci, Milan 1935.
Pietro Accorsi, Turin, 1947.
Private Collection, England.

EXHIBITED: Milan, Galleia Scopinich, Raccolta Successione Claudio Gallo, November 1932;
Bologna Palazzo Comunale, Mostra del Settecento Bolognese, 1935, p. 27.

LITERATURE: O. McSwiny, To the Ladies and Gentlemen of Taste in Great Britain and Ireland, London, n.d., p. 2 (Godolphin).
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ENGRAVED: C. N. Cochin in Tombeaux des Princes grand Capitaines et autres Hommes illustres, qui ont fleuri dans la Grande Bretagne vers la fin du XVII et le commencement du XVII Siècle. Gravéz par les plus habiles Maîtres de Paris, d’après les Tableuax et Dessins originaux des plus célèbres Peintres d’Italie. Tiréz du Cabinet de Monseigneur le Duc de Richmond, de Lennox et d’Aubigny… Le tout dirigé et mis au jour, par les soins de Eugene Mac-Swiny, London, 1741, pl. 7 (Godolphin).
J. P. Le Bas and D. M. Fratta.

219 x 141 cm
Oil on canvas
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Acquired through The Matthiesen Gakkery by an italian Collector
Historical Period
Rococo - 1720-1780
Capriccio: Architecture
Italian - Bolognese
1987-The Settecento: Italian Rococo and Early Neoclassical Paintings,1700-1800.
An exhibition held on behalf of Aids Crisis Trust (UK) and The American Foundation for Aids Research (USA). Introduction by Charles McCorquordale. Essays by Francis Russell, Edgar Peters Bowron, and Catherine Whistler. 200 pages, 31 colour plates, 88 black and white illustrations. £15 or $23 inc. p.& p.

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