A capriccio with a palladian design for the Rialto with buildings at Vicenza
(Giovanni Antonio Canal (il Canaletto))


Like Canaletto, Guardi depicts Palladio’s bridge spanning the Grand Canal where the Ponte di Rialto, designed by Antonio dal Ponte, had been built in stone in 1588/91, following other less permanent bridges in the same location. Both painters maintain with varying degrees of success the topographical accuracy of both banks of the Grand Canal immediately preceding the actual bridge.

22 x 31 inches
Oil on canvas

Said to have come from an English collection.
With Durlacher Brothers, London
Formerly Senatore Ettore Conti, Milan, 1925
Private Collection, Locarno, Switzerland


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Acquired through the Matthiesen Gallery by a private European collector
Historical Period
Rococo - 1720-1780
Italian - Venetian
1993-Fifty Paintings 1535 - 1825.
To celebrate Ten Years of Collaboration between The Matthiesen Gallery, London, and Stair Sainty Matthiesen, New York. 216 pages, 50 colour plates, numerous black and white text illustrations £20 or $32 inc. p.& p.

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