Jean Baptiste Pater

1695 - 1736

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Like his master Watteau, Pater was born in Valenciennes, in the north-east of France. Brought up in Flanders, it is unsurprising that both artist’s demonstrated a susceptibility to the influence of Netherlandish painting, tempered with the refinement that characterized French Rococo art. Pater demonstrated an early facility as a draftsman and his obvious talent led him to Paris and the studio of his compatriot, whose closest disciple he became. Unfortunately Watteau proved a difficult personality to work with and while his influence remained constant, Pater found himself unable to remain as the older artist’s assistant, and soon established an independent reputation. This was given public recognition by his election to membership of the Royal Academy on 31 December 1728 at the age of thirty-three. Pater was hard-working and, during his short career, prolific, producing hundreds of delightful drawings and (according to the author of the catalogue raisonné of his work), some painted compositions, several in more than one version. Determined to amass a fortune, Pater deprived himself of all but essentials in his daily life, living like a pauper. This exhausting schedule proved to be a great strain on his health and he died at the age of forty.

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Fête Galante: La Barque de plaisir

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Historical Period: 1720-1780 Rococo
Fête Galante: La Barque de plaisir