Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret

1852 - 1929

Place Born


Place Died

Quincey (Haute Saône)


Dagnan-Bouveret trained at the Ecole des Beaux Arts as a student of Gerome and Corot. In 1876 he was the runner up for the prestigious Prix de Rome and debuted at the Salon. During the 1880’s, udner the influence of Bastien-Lepage, his palette became lighter and his style freere. Following a success at the 1885 Salon he received the Legion d’Honneur for the Horse Trainer. His depictions of everyday life had a strong impact on both French and American artists alike, but he was also distinguished by a sense of poetry nthat infused his Breton and occasional exotic subjects with a subtle symbolism.

Art Works Sold

Manon Lescaut (The Tragic End)

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Historical Period: 1840-1900 Realism to Impressionism
Manon Lescaut (The Tragic End)